Applause from accomplished students and proud parents!

     Mike Miller provided a comfortable, encouraging environment for my 8 year old daughter to learn and excel at playing the flute. His skillful teaching set the stage for her to blossom into the flute player she is today. She worked on a wide range of literature that was exciting and challenging and enhanced her ability to play well. The recitals that Mike Miller held each summer were a wonderful way for her to build confidence as a performing musician, a skill that has served her well as she is now a member of Frederick Regional Youth Orchestra.

Caroline Gessert


     My son James, age 12, has been taking piano lessons from Mr. Miller for approximately 2 years.  We have seen incredible improvement in James’s piano playing in a very short period of time.  I believe this success is due to Mr. Miller’s teaching style which is always patient, flexible and encouraging.  James looks forward to his weekly lesson so much that he is often the one to remind me when it is time to go!  He practices without being reminded and is eager to play his new songs for friends and family.  James has been learning note recognition, rhythm, timing, chord structure, piano technique, style and interpretation.  As he has progressed, we have heard him begin to compose his own songs as well!

     In addition to improved self-confidence, another benefit of piano lessons has been an improvement in James’s math scores.  After beginning piano, his quarterly math grade has improved one whole letter grade on a consistent basis.  We have been so pleased to see James blossom and enjoy piano playing-- an activity he will enjoy for a lifetime!

Stacey Verby
Parent of James Verby


     As an adult taking lessons for the first time, you can imagine the feeling of being overwhelmed and wondering if that piano purchase was an intelligent one. I have found Mike to have plenty of patience to work with someone who needs a little extra time. His methods are successful and he has given me encouragement when I was wavering. I have already recommended him to two friends and will continue to do so!  

Maria Charlier


     When I first started Mr. Miller's class, I didn't know anything about music on the piano.  Now, I can understand the musical markings and almost everything that's thrown at me; but, I'm still learning.  I want to continue learning with Mr. Miller because he makes the class very interesting.



     I am a 76 yr young male with zero music knowledge before starting with Mike. I started Violin lessons with Mike and continued for about sixteen months. He was very knowledgeable & was very patient with each lesson. I have now moved on to more difficult lessons & certainly have enjoyed his teaching on a very difficult instrument. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to learn how to play music.

Tom Gallahan
Clarksburg Md.


    My son Nate Zumbach took trumpet and trombone lessons from Mike Miller for about 3 years.  During that period Nate made excellent progress on his skills.  Mr. Miller was very patient and well organized and skilled in both instruments.  Mr. Miller also organized a recital at a local church and gave his students the chance to perform in front of an audience.  We were pleased with the work Mike Miller did with the lessons, once a week for 30 min. We highly recommend Mr. Miller in terms of his ability to teach trumpet.

Parent of Nate Zumbach


    When my daughter was four, I was having trouble finding her a piano teacher. I was told many times that she was too young. I met Mike Miller at a local town event and he was very enthusiastic about teaching a young student. I could not be happier with how well it has worked out. Mr. Miller is a patient and knowledgeable teacher. He has provided materials and instruction that are age appropriate to a young learner. My daughter has been taking lessons with Mr. Miller for two years now and she has progressed greatly. I am so happy that my daughter has such a great teacher!

Eva Campion


    After I turned 70 I decided I to give learning the violin a shot. I bought an $80 violin from Amazon and tried to learn how to play on YouTube. After a while I decided I really needed a teacher, but was hesitant to seek one out because I had such a cheap violin. After searching the web I came across Mike on the Duet With Music website. I sent him an email explaining I am a 70 year old guy with no musical talent and a cheap violin. I asked if he would be wasting his time to try to teach me. Mike was very encouraging and welcoming and explained he had taught people older than I. I very much appreciate his encouragement and enthusiasm in getting me started on my violin journey.

Dale Dahlke


    If you wish to learn about the many mechanics about music, and aspire to become an incredible string musician Mr. Miller is a good teacher for you. Learning from him, I learned about different musical terms, involving contrast through music, and how sometimes adding passion and emotion to the music can make it even better. To be able to learn from the past, adding on with ritardando's and fermatas to lengthen the ending. He helped me learn how to change tempo throughout a piece, and taught me different definitions of terms in music. If you wish to become a strong musician and learn musical expressions, Mr. Miller is a teacher for you.

RJ Rattie

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Mike Miller Music Instructor and student

     When I first came to Mr. Miller I didn't know anything about music or how to play the piano. From the beginning, Mr. Miller worked patiently with me to develop skill and technique for playing the piano. I learned music theory skills such as note recognition, rhythm, chord structure and a little bit of music history and style about the repertoire that I was learning under Mr. Miller. Mr. Miller made music exciting and dynamic for me and I began to want to learn more and more. I looked forward to and enjoyed my lessons with him and found that at every opportunity I wanted to practice more and more at home.

     Furthermore, not only did I enjoy learning from Mr. Miller but my grades improved at school as well as my social interactions with my friends. I started to perform in the school talent show on piano with music that Mr. Miller was helping me with and I began to get recognition from teachers as well as students. Furthermore, Mr. Miller has supported me throughout by coming to all of my performances at school. Mr. Miller helped me to build self confidence by performing in recitals where I received recognition from family and friends as well as other student performers.

     When Mr. Miller realized how well I was progressing with my piano skills after only a couple of years, he decided to refer me to the Hood College Preparatory Music program where I am currently studying advanced piano skills and composition. For sure, if it wasn't for Mr. Miller I wouldn't be where I am today. He showed me that I had a great gift and nurtured that gift into something wonderful for me. He has supported me in all of my recitals at Hood College. I would enthusiastically recommend anyone to Mr. Miller for the study of music (no matter what instrument you would like to learn).

Gabriel Jaar


     Praise for Mr. Mike Miller from Miller Music: My two children, currently 11 and 14 years old, attended Mr. Miller's private lessons for 2 1/2 years.  In that time, my children admired his teaching techniques, love of music, and patience.  They played at two recitals, memorizing a couple of music pieces and feeling very proud of themselves.  Mr. Miller is knowledgeable and effective and makes learning the piano fun.  He was flexible with schedules.  We enjoyed our experience with him and recommend him.

the Taylor family


     Mr. Miller has worked with my daughter, Emily for approximately 5 years. She plays the flute. She definitely enjoys taking music lessons and has progressed very much with her music. She came to Mr. Miller as a beginner with little experience, but Mr. Miller worked with her and has encouraged her on some challenging musical pieces. She is now an advanced flute player. She has performed in many recitals over the years and it has always been a very positive experience for her. Mr. Miller is professional, friendly, experienced and very good at working with my daughter to encourage her in pursuing music. She began taking lessons with him in elementary school and will be playing in the Marching Band next year in her Freshmen year of high school. As a parent, I am very satisfied with our experience with Mr. Miller.



     Kaitlyn has been receiving instruction from Mike for the past couple years.  During the time that he has been teaching her I've witnessed him pushing her when needed, and applauding her successes.  From my perspective, as her parent, I see that she has made tremendous progress in her ability.  She can now play several variations of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  She has also shown improvement both in school grades and commitment to social activities.

Tracy Hayden


     My daughter enjoys working with Mr. Miller for guitar lessons. She has learned a great deal and states she likes that he makes sure she understands the concept before moving on to the next one. She is now learning on an electric guitar, which is really cool to see. Mr. Miller’s passion for music shows in the way he teaches and it has helped my daughter nurture her own love of music. We appreciate his flexibility with scheduling and convenience of location, to include offering online lessons this past year. Three years and counting! Thanks Mr. Miller!